Sometimes I Want to Punch People Right in the Face…

Read this link, from Salon earlier today.

My thoughts on the above-referenced article are as follows:
…Not that I want to think bad thoughts onto kids (Karma, and what have you), but part of me wonders if these celebrity parents would still feel the same way if one or more of their own kids ended up hospitalized and/or permanently disabled because they caught a disease that is so easily preventable.
Obviously these kids don’t have a choice, and it makes me so angry that their parents are endangering their lives because of their own absurd “beliefs” based on scientifically dis-proven (on multiple occasions) medical “studies” conducted by some wacko Italian dude…

Ugh…Now I need to find a post to follow this that will restore my faith in humanity. At the very least, a video of baby animals. I’ll get right on that, hopefully more to come later today…


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