Explain to Me Again Why Our “Great Nation” Still Has the Death Penalty…?

Typically when I go to Gawker to read an article, I’m expecting satire, tomfoolery, “Captain Obvious” comments to go along with a video or photo series, or some other form of your average internet shenanigans…very rarely do I come across an article that I feel is actually important.

Regardless of your own personal opinions on the death penalty, and/or some of the racial items this inmate brings up, I dare you to read the entire 7-page letter he wrote without feeling some serious emotions.

Maybe it’s because I’m a girl, maybe it’s because I’m what some would call a “Bleeding Heart Liberal”, or maybe it’s because I’m just not an awful human being, but there were definitely a couple occasions while I read through his eloquent, heartfelt letter that I found myself getting choked up.

Read: A Letter from Ray Jasper, Who is About to be Executed


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