Something Personal?

Sooo, thinking I should include something personal for the day, since everything I’ve posted so far has been from other websites, or other non-personal stuff like that.
Mom and I are in a stamp club one Saturday of every other month.  In January it was my turn to be the “Hostess” for the group, and this month it’s Mom’s turn!
We still have to figure out what we’re going to get, so that will be a little tough…we always say we’re not going to get any new stamp sets, and just use the ones we already have, and instead we say that we’re going to get more embellishments, or embossing folders, or Sizzix stuff…  We’ve actually been doing a pretty good job of it.  Unfortunately (is that the word I really want to use? No. But it is probably the most accurate one I can choose.), Brenda always ends up showing us some super-cute way to use a stamp set that we otherwise would have eschewed.  To top it all off, after we’re done with Club on Saturday morning, we’re going back over to Brenda’s house in the afternoon to do a Stamp-A-Stack…which means we’ll probably end up seeing another stamp set that ends up on our never-ending Stampin’Up wish list!
Our demonstrator is great, so we always have a good time…if only $$ were no object…Mom and I would have an entire house devoted to stamping, scrapping, and other paper-crafting type activities (or, funtivities, you might say).
Here’s another picture of some recently created cards…maybe I can keep the streak going? Seems like all of the new posts I’ve added recently have had some type of multimedia attached.  That way if you’re bored by my words, you’ll get a (visually) happy surprise at the end of the post!  You’re welcome!



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