Taking Time Off from Work is Great, but Playing Catch-Up Afterwards is Really the Pits.

I love my job (what I actually do), and I love my coworkers (they’re the best) and I love the company I work for (really, I do – no sarcasm!) – but I tell you what…Being out for the better part of a week makes for a rough couple days back in the office!

This time I was out of town for a couple days last week (medical purposes, I won’t go into detail, ’cause it’s a looooonnnngg story), and just now today, Wednesday afternoon, I feel like I’m mostly back up and running at full capacity.

I started my position a couple years before my two counterparts joined the company, and my current boss/supervisor/whatever hasn’t ever actually done my job.  She’s done a TON of stuff throughout the company in her many years here, but not my position specifically.  Because of this, the way I was trained to do the job is different than she does/knows, and it’s also different than the two other ladies who essentially have the same job responsibilities that I do.

I usually feel like I end up doing 75% of what they did while I was out all over again, because I can’t make Heads ‘nor Tails of the notes they’ve made, etc.  Obviously there isn’t anything wrong with the way they’re doing their own work, because we all arrive at the same conclusion/outcome in the end, it just makes it a bit tricky to get going quickly when I’ve been out for a couple days.  I’m sure they’d say the same thing if I were to fill in for them while they’re out!

There, I feel better. Maybe another post later tonight? Maybe not.

I guess we’ll just have to play it by ear!  ♪ ♫



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