Long weekend = Lazy blogging Hannah

So, I totally just realized that I haven’t posted anything in like, almost a whole week, so I figured I’d better catch you all up (I say that like I have actual followers or something)… Haha!

I’m completely burned from the weekend…well, from Monday, technically. Look just like Dr. Zoidberg, but with sunglasses racoon-eyes. So uncomfortable. Makes me sad, but it’s my own fault, so I guess I don’t have the right to complain. How sad.

The birds are little piggies, and now I have a crow. Not cute. Maybe it’s the crow who’s the piggy…I don’t know. Also makes me sad…I want the little brown & white birds back!

The rain has been helpful…now I don’t have to feel guilty about forgetting to water my plants between work & baseball & playing chauffeur over the weekend. (Long story, not for a blog, sorry.)

At a ball game right now, we’re losing so far, but it’s only the 4th inning and we’re only down by 2, so there’s lots of time left to come back. Stinking Tigers. I did have my customary hot dog & pickle…it’s just not a baseball game without them… 😀

Also threw a roast in the crock pot this afternoon. Venison with green beans & mushrooms…should be delicious! And SO simple!

We’re going to be guinea pigs on Sunday night for one of Logan’s friends who’s going to be selling Cutco knives. I’ve heard the whole pitch before (one of the guys I knew in college did it as a side-job to help pay for tuition & booze), and we just got a sweet knife block set for Christmas from Ryan’s family, but he (Joel, Logan’s friend) says he gets paid just to do the pitch, so I figure we can at least help him practice. Considerate, no?

I’m starting to donate plasma again…the extra $$ is always nice to have during the summer…what with all of the trips to Osseo & back. Nothing really exciting about that I guess, other than the guilt-free time to myself to read books. I’m seriously considering getting the Sookie books. Also, I’m pretty sure I need to get the next book in that other series from Lee Lee.

I’m not saying that I love it (maybe that will come later), but the whole thing is so complex that I don’t really feel like I’ve finished the story yet. There’s zero closure, and the end of the book felt like I should be going on to another chapter, rather than reading the author’s mini-biography. Lee Lee, if you read this before I get a chance to talk to you about it, I need the next book!

Well, I think that’s all for now…sorry about any spelling errors or grammar problems…didn’t feel like proof reading from my Droid….my poor, exhaused thumbs!

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