HBO makes me want to buy lots of books…Jerks…

Ryan and I are shamelessly hooked on a couple of HBO and Showtime TV series (serieses?). While we shouldn’t be, we definitely are, which can be good and bad.

The bad part is, once you start watching, you HAVE to keep watching. They’re not like episodes of The Office, where if you miss a week it’s no big deal. In Dexter and TrueBlood and Weeds (okay, not so much Weeds, but definitely the first two), once you start you just can’t pause in the middle of a season!

For a while there, we didn’t have any cable, so we were reduced to renting the various seasons as they hit DVD. Now that we’ve got the glorious (not to mention diabolical) OnDemand services back from Charter, it seems like there’s a never-ending list of way-too-awesome TV shows to watch.

I did end up getting season 1 of both TrueBlood and Dexter for Christmas this past year, which was excellent on it’s own, but now that Season 3 of TrueBlood is starting (yay for June 3rd!) and the first 4 seasons of Weeds are all in HD OnDemand, I have a sneaking suspicion that, when we’re not at a baseball game, we’ll be engrossed with the many options provided to us by Charter (even if they are totally ripping people off around here, it’s hard not to like the whole OnDemand concept).

The good part is that I just discovered (I’m so slow, I know) that TrueBlood is actually based on a book series about Sookie. Who knew? I certainly didn’t! Not before yesterday, anyway. I’m kind of excited…I already know that I like the TV episodes, and if the same standard is true about TV episodes being created from books as it is about Movies being created from books, then it’s pretty much guaranteed that I’m going to love the books.

The only problem is that I’ve already got a list about a mile long of books that I want, and adding another 12 to the list kind of seems un-do-able right now. Makes me want to pout a little, and wish I’d win the lottery. Then I can buy all of the books my heart desires, and I can get an eReader or an iPad or something and download them all that way too…That way I can still read the actual PAPER books at home (I don’t think I could ever give that part up completely–plus they all look so nice on a shelf…all lined up in a row!) and then I could just keep the electronic reading device (the jury’s out as to which one) in my purse. Right now I have 3 books in my purse…4 if you count the hardcover diary.

4 books, plus camera, plus DS, plus keys, plus sunglasses, plus phone, plus stress ball for donating plasma (you get the picture). At least with an electronic reading device I’d be able to either carry a smaller purse, or just carry a less-heavy version of the purse I’m currently using.

I did use my Droid to read the 264 page draft of Midnight Sun, and that was okay…it just drained my battery down to almost nothing. I actually had to read the last 10-15 pages or so with my phone plugged in….and those are super short charging cables. Who ever thought that 2 1/2 feet would be enough should probably be hollered at a bit.

Anyway, I guess that’s all for now. I wasn’t even sure I was going to talk about anything today…Nothing really very exciting has happened recently, but it’s going to be a BUSY couple of days (week, almost) so I figured I’d better get at least SOMETHING in, since I haven’t added anything new since what…Saturday??

Take me out to the ball game!


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