Con-Man Fail.

So, nothing really very exciting going on this weekend. Which is nice…I’m looking forward to next weekend, when I’ll get 3 days off instead of the standard 2 (yay for Memorial Day). Don’t think we have any plans…with Ryan you never really know though.

Yesterday was a little busy I guess…Went to Ryan’s game in Osseo, then came home and met up with some friends for the night. Also, some guys tried to sell me perfume at the gas station before I headed down to Osseo. They were kinda camped out, and came up and talked to just about everyone who was out at the pumps. Had a line about how they managed a research/testing company out of the cities, and they were going to be at the mall here to do a big promotion, but they unforunately got drunk Friday night and ended up giving most of their sample bottles away, so they were going to have to bail on the whole Mall idea since they couldn’t really do a promotional event with only 7 bottles left (like the whole story was going to make me believe them).

And then, the guy says to me, that this one bottle of perfume is (supposedly) Halle Berry’s new fragrance, and will be selling for over $125 a bottle, but since they’re just trying to “cut their losses” and get back to the cities, he’d let me have it for like, $40. Haha – I know that EC isn’t a very big place compared to Minneapolis/St. Paul, but really?? Do we all look THAT slow?? I was almost insulted…I mean, come ON.

If they would have come up and been straight about it, and said, hey, we have some really close knock-offs – you can smell almost the same for $40 instead of $125, then at least people will know you’re being up front about the whole situation, and maybe you get a couple of people who say to themselves, “Hey, a $40 bottle of perfume is better than the $60 or $70 I’d pay if I went to Macy’s or Younkers…I think I’ll Jew this Con-Man down a little and see if I can’t get one of these knock-offs for $20 or $30.”…

(Some of the bottles they had didn’t smell half bad, actually. And if Ryan’s parents hadn’t just gotten me a new bottle of Blue for my birthday, I might have been one of those people who said, “OK, I’ll take one for $20”, just because it IS less expensive than a new bottle of Blue and because it really kind of smelled okay.)

But to go on and on about ‘poor us, we got drunk and gave away our inventory of REAL perfumes and we just want to try to make up some of what we lost’ – I just had to shake my head and roll my eyes. It was pretty obvious that everyone else they were trying to sell their stuff to felt the same way about it too, I actually exchanged a kind of understanding glance with another woman in the gas station….which was wierd, because you don’t normally have that with a complete stranger….but these guys were just SO over the top….

Better get back to the laundry….


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