Hooray, I have plants!

For my birthday, I got to put plants on our patio.  Also, I have a birdfeeder, and tha’ts pretty exciting too.

I was actually pretty bummed out for a while, because for the first couple of days after I got the patio all set up, I noticed that the birds had NOT noticed my birdfeeder.  But they did start eating the seeds, and they’re getting pretty messy about it too…  Not only do I have to water the flowers every day now, but I’m also forced to sweep the 6×10 cement square that is our apartment patio.  Messy birds….

Having plants makes me feel all growed up though…now it looks like two regular adults live here, instead of a college-age couple who’s only patio accessory is a Webber grill.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice Webber (complete with attached side-table, under-belly ash-catcher and official Webber logo-ed weather-resisting drop cover – all thank’s to Ryan’s parents 😀 ), but when the ONLY items on your ground-level patio are a Webber grill and a Rubber-Maid tote, well, you get the picture.

My mom helped me pick everything out, which was pretty sweet…usually it’s the other way around (I’m helping her shop for flowers & plants).

Ooh – side tracked – there are birds on my patio right now!  Little brown & white guys…well, girls probably, since they’re not very colorful…  Pretty cute!  Ryan thinks I should get a bird book, so that way I know what I’m looking at.  I agree, but there are several other books on my ‘to get’ list before a bird book (yay! a future blog topic!), so unless he’s buying (well, you never know I guess) then the bird book is a ways away…

So far the plants are all still alive.  My mom thought it would probably be a good idea for me to splurge and buy the $10 bag of Miracle Grow Moisture Control, instead of the $4 bag of Wal-Mart brand dirt.  She was probably right…that’s usually what happens whenever I have living green things.  I either drown them (the twice-revived, now-dead cactus from my Gramma) or I starve them (poor little strawberry plant).  Hopefully between the regular 8:30-5:30 grown-up work schedule that I finally have, and the fancy-schmancy dirt that they’re living in, my plants will make it the whole year.  Mom thought that perhaps I could bring them inside, and keep them alive over the winter, but I’m not optimistic….Let’s just get through the summer first (when I have the rain & sunshine to help me out a little).

There’s a lot of other stuff that I want to talk about right now, but I figure I should try to keep my posts somewhat organized…that way at least you know what you’re getting in to when you pick a title to read.  Plus, if I save my other stuff for another day, maybe I won’t get bored (or boring, for anyone who happens to read these) and give up quite so easily.  I think that was part of the problem for stopping my regular paper diary-ing….I’d write 5 or 6 or 12 pages one day, about absolutely everything, and then have nothing to say for a couple of weeks…and then it’s so hard to pick everything back up again.   You know, they say it’s hard to break a bad habit….I think it’s probably even more difficult to start a good one (excersizing, anyone?).

Anyway, it’s getting to be about that time (and I’m running out of stuff to talk about…unless I start in on another topic, but we’ve already made a decision about that, so…)

Peace (how very late-80s early-90s of me!)


One thought on “Hooray, I have plants!

  1. hannah! You are just too cute! S&C love H forever and ever!!!! I think that I am totally going to steal your “plant” idea so that way my patio looks all grown-up too….because I unfortunately have a wonderful grill that I use almost everyday, a chair (however it does have a cupholder so that’s pretty sweet), and a swing for Caitlyn…..so yes, I need some plants too! Okay, I will leave you alone now….I’m looking forward to Monday!

    By the way, did I give you the idea to start a blog because I started one for Caitlyn….if so then that is pretty sweet…if not, then that’s pretty sweet too! Love ya!

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