HBO makes me want to buy lots of books…Jerks…

Ryan and I are shamelessly hooked on a couple of HBO and Showtime TV series (serieses?). While we shouldn’t be, we definitely are, which can be good and bad.

The bad part is, once you start watching, you HAVE to keep watching. They’re not like episodes of The Office, where if you miss a week it’s no big deal. In Dexter and TrueBlood and Weeds (okay, not so much Weeds, but definitely the first two), once you start you just can’t pause in the middle of a season!

For a while there, we didn’t have any cable, so we were reduced to renting the various seasons as they hit DVD. Now that we’ve got the glorious (not to mention diabolical) OnDemand services back from Charter, it seems like there’s a never-ending list of way-too-awesome TV shows to watch.

I did end up getting season 1 of both TrueBlood and Dexter for Christmas this past year, which was excellent on it’s own, but now that Season 3 of TrueBlood is starting (yay for June 3rd!) and the first 4 seasons of Weeds are all in HD OnDemand, I have a sneaking suspicion that, when we’re not at a baseball game, we’ll be engrossed with the many options provided to us by Charter (even if they are totally ripping people off around here, it’s hard not to like the whole OnDemand concept).

The good part is that I just discovered (I’m so slow, I know) that TrueBlood is actually based on a book series about Sookie. Who knew? I certainly didn’t! Not before yesterday, anyway. I’m kind of excited…I already know that I like the TV episodes, and if the same standard is true about TV episodes being created from books as it is about Movies being created from books, then it’s pretty much guaranteed that I’m going to love the books.

The only problem is that I’ve already got a list about a mile long of books that I want, and adding another 12 to the list kind of seems un-do-able right now. Makes me want to pout a little, and wish I’d win the lottery. Then I can buy all of the books my heart desires, and I can get an eReader or an iPad or something and download them all that way too…That way I can still read the actual PAPER books at home (I don’t think I could ever give that part up completely–plus they all look so nice on a shelf…all lined up in a row!) and then I could just keep the electronic reading device (the jury’s out as to which one) in my purse. Right now I have 3 books in my purse…4 if you count the hardcover diary.

4 books, plus camera, plus DS, plus keys, plus sunglasses, plus phone, plus stress ball for donating plasma (you get the picture). At least with an electronic reading device I’d be able to either carry a smaller purse, or just carry a less-heavy version of the purse I’m currently using.

I did use my Droid to read the 264 page draft of Midnight Sun, and that was okay…it just drained my battery down to almost nothing. I actually had to read the last 10-15 pages or so with my phone plugged in….and those are super short charging cables. Who ever thought that 2 1/2 feet would be enough should probably be hollered at a bit.

Anyway, I guess that’s all for now. I wasn’t even sure I was going to talk about anything today…Nothing really very exciting has happened recently, but it’s going to be a BUSY couple of days (week, almost) so I figured I’d better get at least SOMETHING in, since I haven’t added anything new since what…Saturday??

Take me out to the ball game!


Con-Man Fail.

So, nothing really very exciting going on this weekend. Which is nice…I’m looking forward to next weekend, when I’ll get 3 days off instead of the standard 2 (yay for Memorial Day). Don’t think we have any plans…with Ryan you never really know though.

Yesterday was a little busy I guess…Went to Ryan’s game in Osseo, then came home and met up with some friends for the night. Also, some guys tried to sell me perfume at the gas station before I headed down to Osseo. They were kinda camped out, and came up and talked to just about everyone who was out at the pumps. Had a line about how they managed a research/testing company out of the cities, and they were going to be at the mall here to do a big promotion, but they unforunately got drunk Friday night and ended up giving most of their sample bottles away, so they were going to have to bail on the whole Mall idea since they couldn’t really do a promotional event with only 7 bottles left (like the whole story was going to make me believe them).

And then, the guy says to me, that this one bottle of perfume is (supposedly) Halle Berry’s new fragrance, and will be selling for over $125 a bottle, but since they’re just trying to “cut their losses” and get back to the cities, he’d let me have it for like, $40. Haha – I know that EC isn’t a very big place compared to Minneapolis/St. Paul, but really?? Do we all look THAT slow?? I was almost insulted…I mean, come ON.

If they would have come up and been straight about it, and said, hey, we have some really close knock-offs – you can smell almost the same for $40 instead of $125, then at least people will know you’re being up front about the whole situation, and maybe you get a couple of people who say to themselves, “Hey, a $40 bottle of perfume is better than the $60 or $70 I’d pay if I went to Macy’s or Younkers…I think I’ll Jew this Con-Man down a little and see if I can’t get one of these knock-offs for $20 or $30.”…

(Some of the bottles they had didn’t smell half bad, actually. And if Ryan’s parents hadn’t just gotten me a new bottle of Blue for my birthday, I might have been one of those people who said, “OK, I’ll take one for $20”, just because it IS less expensive than a new bottle of Blue and because it really kind of smelled okay.)

But to go on and on about ‘poor us, we got drunk and gave away our inventory of REAL perfumes and we just want to try to make up some of what we lost’ – I just had to shake my head and roll my eyes. It was pretty obvious that everyone else they were trying to sell their stuff to felt the same way about it too, I actually exchanged a kind of understanding glance with another woman in the gas station….which was wierd, because you don’t normally have that with a complete stranger….but these guys were just SO over the top….

Better get back to the laundry….

Books….and a comment about a really creepy spider at work…

So, I am super pumped up.  For a couple of reasons!  First, I finally purchased Dragons of the Hourglass Mage.  Hooray!  It came out last fall (August, actually) in hardcover, but if any of you have seen my DragonLance collection, you’ll know that they’re all paperback!  So, much to my dismay, I had to wait (I’m not always very good at the patience thing) until they released the paperback copy this spring.  It came out on May 4th, but I’ve been busy & poor, so I just picked it up today at Borders.  Woop Woop!  Can’t wait to read it!

Secondly (and I’m sure Christy & Lee Lee will be thrilled) I think I’m kind of a closet case for the Twilight books.  I read them one weekend (one right after the other…it was pretty great) and I had (still have) mixed feelings about them.  I really like the story that’s being told, and it kind of over-does my drama quota (like, for a whole 5 year period), but they’re pretty engaging.  Which is kind of suprising for me to say, because I normally DO NOT care for books written in the 1st person narrative.  I think that has a lot to do with the fact that I pretty much constantly have an inner dialogue (yes, dialouge – not monologue) and it’s really hard for me to get into someone else’s head-speech when mine is usually so very different from their’s (“their’s” being the character of the book).  I read the Percy Jackson books, and it wasn’t until almost the very end of the 1st book that I was finally able to get over the way a 12-year-old boy thinks and just enjoy the story.  Granted, that particular series was written for a much younger audience than the Twilight books were, but it’s the same general concept.

I like to think that I wasn’t ever QUITE as awkward as Bella, and I have to say that the whole emo-esque feel to their romance sometimes has me rolling my eyes, but overall (like I said earlier) I think it was a good story.  Lots of conflict and drama and suspence and the whole rigamarole of deciding Alive or Undead?

I think the thing that bothered me the the most about the Twilight books (#s 2 and 3 to be specific) is the way it made my insides feel.  You know that place right under your ribs, not quite low enough to be considered part of the stomach, but not quite high enough to fall into the ‘chest’ category?  Yeah, that part.  I cried (not a couple of tears, actual honest-to-goodness sobbing) through most of the 2nd book and nearly all of the 3rd book.  Maybe it’s because I’ve been in a kind-of parallel situation before…and all I could think of was losing him all over again, and I just couldn’t handle that.  So….even though my family didn’t appreciate me for a while, and I was an emotional mess for about 6 months straight, I had to make a decision and it turns out it was the right one to make (Bella & I can at least relate on that aspect…knowing, in the end, who to pick for the ‘forever’ part).

Additionally, shortly after reading the 4 published books in the series, I happened across the unpublished partial draft of Midnight Sun, and was totally blown away.  I can say, without any uncertainty at all, that I would MUCH prefer the books from Edward’s point of view.  He’s got a lot more insight than your run-of-the-mill teenage girl, and his inner thought processes are definitely easier to get into…at least, for me anyway, I find that it’s much easier for me to read when I’m inside Edwards head than it was for me to read from inside of Bella’s….if that makes any sense.

Lee Lee’s also got me reading the first book in another series that she hearts a lot, but I haven’t made it very far yet, so I’ll save any comments on that one until I’m at least done with the first book (we’re still undecided about weather or not I’ll be reading the rest).

About the creepy spider at work.  I’ve got the heebie-jeebies.  Yuck.

So, the other day (Thursday morning, I believe) we noticed that there was a fat juicy black spider hanging down from the celing.  Probably 4-6 inches of super-gross spider web keeping him attached to one of those drop style panels that so many office spaces use.  Everyone thought he was dead, since he just hung there.  I swore I saw him move around, but I’m kind of paranoid when it comes to those things, so I guess my original visions probably can’t be relied upon too heavily.

When we saw again this morning that he was still just hanging there, in the same spot as yesterday, that was pretty much a deal-breaker for the rest of the department.  Spider was dead.  End of story.

HOWEVER, at about ten after 5 this evening (keep in mind, I still have 20 minutes of work left before I can get the heck outta dodge) the spider sways a bit on his strand of silk (shudder) and then climbs back up and parks himself on the celing.

So, no, the creepy oversized unwelcome possum-playing spider was NOT dead afterall.  Which really REALLY gives me an extreme case of the creepy-crawlies…knowing that he was just hanging there, watching us.  Probably plotting my downfall.  I swear to God, if he’s not in the EXACT same place when I get in on Monday, I’m gonna have kittens.  What if he’s in my desk?   Or behind my monitor?  Or in my highlighter jar?  He’s gonna bite me and I’m gonna die and that will be the end of my well-meaning, barely-started blog.  How sad. 😦

Ooh – Sidetracked!  There are a couple of really big fuzzy bumble bees buzzing around one of my plants.  Yay and what-have-you.

Anyway, that’s the end of my sort-of book discussion.  There are lots of others out there that I like, but none that I feel strongly enough about to write about them RIGHT now.  I’m gonna go chillax and flip channels for a while.  Go Twinkies!

Hooray, I have plants!

For my birthday, I got to put plants on our patio.  Also, I have a birdfeeder, and tha’ts pretty exciting too.

I was actually pretty bummed out for a while, because for the first couple of days after I got the patio all set up, I noticed that the birds had NOT noticed my birdfeeder.  But they did start eating the seeds, and they’re getting pretty messy about it too…  Not only do I have to water the flowers every day now, but I’m also forced to sweep the 6×10 cement square that is our apartment patio.  Messy birds….

Having plants makes me feel all growed up though…now it looks like two regular adults live here, instead of a college-age couple who’s only patio accessory is a Webber grill.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice Webber (complete with attached side-table, under-belly ash-catcher and official Webber logo-ed weather-resisting drop cover – all thank’s to Ryan’s parents 😀 ), but when the ONLY items on your ground-level patio are a Webber grill and a Rubber-Maid tote, well, you get the picture.

My mom helped me pick everything out, which was pretty sweet…usually it’s the other way around (I’m helping her shop for flowers & plants).

Ooh – side tracked – there are birds on my patio right now!  Little brown & white guys…well, girls probably, since they’re not very colorful…  Pretty cute!  Ryan thinks I should get a bird book, so that way I know what I’m looking at.  I agree, but there are several other books on my ‘to get’ list before a bird book (yay! a future blog topic!), so unless he’s buying (well, you never know I guess) then the bird book is a ways away…

So far the plants are all still alive.  My mom thought it would probably be a good idea for me to splurge and buy the $10 bag of Miracle Grow Moisture Control, instead of the $4 bag of Wal-Mart brand dirt.  She was probably right…that’s usually what happens whenever I have living green things.  I either drown them (the twice-revived, now-dead cactus from my Gramma) or I starve them (poor little strawberry plant).  Hopefully between the regular 8:30-5:30 grown-up work schedule that I finally have, and the fancy-schmancy dirt that they’re living in, my plants will make it the whole year.  Mom thought that perhaps I could bring them inside, and keep them alive over the winter, but I’m not optimistic….Let’s just get through the summer first (when I have the rain & sunshine to help me out a little).

There’s a lot of other stuff that I want to talk about right now, but I figure I should try to keep my posts somewhat organized…that way at least you know what you’re getting in to when you pick a title to read.  Plus, if I save my other stuff for another day, maybe I won’t get bored (or boring, for anyone who happens to read these) and give up quite so easily.  I think that was part of the problem for stopping my regular paper diary-ing….I’d write 5 or 6 or 12 pages one day, about absolutely everything, and then have nothing to say for a couple of weeks…and then it’s so hard to pick everything back up again.   You know, they say it’s hard to break a bad habit….I think it’s probably even more difficult to start a good one (excersizing, anyone?).

Anyway, it’s getting to be about that time (and I’m running out of stuff to talk about…unless I start in on another topic, but we’ve already made a decision about that, so…)

Peace (how very late-80s early-90s of me!)